MNR develops full assembly products ready for end POS or upstream integration to your full unit assembly. Designers of electro-mechancial products, our services include Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Electronic Design and Software development. Come experience the MNR difference.

Design Services:

Custom designs or build from your design, full box build from design to delivery. Services include mechanical, electrical and software engineering, tooling, full materials and production management. Control Panels, IP67 & NEMA Certified assemblies, portable and transportable products and systems.

Portable Point of Sale (POS) terminal with integrated Financial Payment device. MNR completed the mechanical and electrical design, developed tooling, injection molding, casting (dock station counter weight), final build, pack and ship in finished product packaging.
Full custom development for major marine equipment manufacturer. NEMA 2000 compliant Digital Switch assembly, custom electronics and software development. Isolated led illumination, tri-color led’s, field installable graphics, integrated M12 connector assembly. A complete “plug and play” solution.
Boeing 737 MCDU control panel. Fully compliant with Boeing specifications, rugged machined alu housing, custom powder coating. Keys meet Boeing illumination specification, utilizing specialized diffusing materials within the keytops. Plug and play solution with complete supporting electronics.
All-weather outdoor instrument, full IP-67, combines housing, keypad, switch control PCB, LCD, waterproof barrel connectors and cabling. MNR completely designed this product from an Industrial Designed exterior/shell model.
Custom Joystick pairs, with custom low spring force joysticks, E-Stop, keypads and internal electronics. All the details right down to the custom cable with 45o cable exit for a smooth drape to equipment. Better ideas, better designs.
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