MNR has been a leader in communications interfaces since the inception of the mobile phone. Together with the largest OEM manufacturers, we have created innovative designs that have kept our clients at the leading edge.

The original “flip” phone, developed with Motorola with ground breaking technologies, high temp transparent polydome, transparent flex circuit.

Motorola MicroTAC switch assembly. MNR team, in prior lives, supported the creation and development of the switch assembly stack for the Motorola MicroTAC, the first cellular flip phone, circa 1987. This design integrated transparent keypad, transparent high-temp polydome and a unique development, transparent etched flex circuit. the assembly connected the phone main PCB to the keypad and the microphone in the flip cover.

First IP67 Digital Mobile Radio, designed to eliminate RTV sealants during assembly, MNR coordinated this design from concept to completion.

Custom IP67 Digital Mobile Radio. MNR as a member of the development team, designed the main keypad board and keypad, the PTT assembly and the M5 microphone/speaker interconnect. The objective was to create a radio assembly that sealed with the assembly of the components, without any RTV sealant post assembly. MNR designed the entire user interface which passed IP67 immersion testing on the first try. Unique integration, including a waterproof speaker assembly behind the switch assembly. Classic 10 pounds of technology in a 2 pound package.

Motorola V70 Rotary phone, MNR created the Technology Breakthrough “PTF” Plastic Thin Film technology, significantly reducing the interior height consumed by the keypad.

MNR designed this low profile keypad using our patented PTF (plastic thin film) technology. The PTF design reduces the in-housing keypad cross-section from traditional 1.0mm to ~ 0.3mm. This technology was a leap forward in reduced assembly thickness for mobile phones.

Bridgeless keypad design, integrating MNRs Patented PTF technology for compact communications applications, including Nav with Select key.

Using a variant of the PTF technology (P+PTF), MNR created this Plastic keytop assembly with thin film construction. Achieving the low-profile construction technique, packing more user experience in a minimum cross-section.

Motorola Razor phone, MNR was a key early development partner in driving Cell Phone design technology to a <5mm total package thickness.

MNR was instrumental in the development of the Razor (code name Blue Jay), working with Motorola Advanced Development, MNR created this thin cross-section construction necessary to attain the thin profile used in the Razor.

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