A flexible printed circuit board (FPCB), also called a flexible printed circuit (FPC) or a flex etched circuit (FEC), is made from materials that can bend and flex, giving them improved resistance to vibration and movement.

Advantages of Flexible Printed Circuits:

Flex PCBs are an excellent alternative to screen printed membrane circuits where high reliability, ruggedness, and/or SMT component use are essential. MNR are manufacturers of membrane switch assemblies and flexible circuit assemblies.

MNR is both a flex circuit manufacturer and a rigid flex PCB manufacturer. From single to high density multi‐layer rigid‐flexible circuits, MNR’s highly skilled team can create your flexible PCB prototype in our Taiwan flexible PCB factories. Once designed, MNR can complete your flex PCB assembly and deliver production volumes. MNR is both a flex circuit and rigid flex PCB supplier.

Where are MNR Technology Flexible Circuits used?

For flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, there are many applications for their use, including:

Our Experience

MNR Technology are leading flexible printed circuit manufacturers and experts in rigid flex PCB fabrication and flexible PCB fabrication. Each customized job starts with the creation of a flex PCB prototype. Each flex circuit prototype is fully tested by our expert team.

As a custom flexible circuit manufacturer, we employ highly‐skilled and talented engineers who work tirelessly with the latest software and tools to ensure our clients’ products are the best they can be – from flexible PCB prototype to end‐product for production.

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