Industrial interfaces and enclosures, designed for Durable, rugged and sealed industrial applications.

Hand held analytical chromatograph used in field chemical ID. MNR produces the entire mechanical package, from Intrinsically safe switch, keypad, Double Shot housing and all internal molded components. Hand Held laser chromatograph. MNR produces the entire mechanical package, from double shot housings to switch assemblies and component devices.
Industrial truck, forklift and towmotor applications, IP67 Forklift mounted, this module was designed for unloading frozen foods in all environments. The unit assembly required a water proof design with highly rugged coatings against abrasive glove operator use. MNR designed a sealed membrane inner switch assembly, with unique “continuous spacer” technology, silicon rubber keypad with epoxy coating over the keys, assuring years of successful field operation.
Industrial warehouse applications. Warehouse Mounted terminal, this module is used in high activity automated warehouse facilities, similar to the forklift mounted device, this terminal has a sealed membrane contact substrate with an epoxy coated keypad.
Plastic keytop, EL Lamp backlit, keypad assemblies including PCB, cast housings, back plates, keypad. High-Range hand held scanner in two versions. Both utilize plastic keytops, SR actuator, EL backlighting, tactile dome and full PCB assembly for an complete plug and play modular assembly solution.
Industrial control panel for high power electric to trains and mass-transit. Custom Control Panel with tri-color leds, pocket inserted etched flex circuit, slide-inserted customer markable labels.
Industrial control panel for field switching application, integrates passive and active switches, display, array of tactile membrane with LED indicators. Custom embossed flat tactile switch assy with pocketed and recess CNC routed PCB, individual leds per key with dome emboss and dead front. Assy includes connectors and push-button/toggle switches.

Low profile circuit, overlay, keypad assembly for hand held laser tape measure. Keypad assembly comprised of tactile membrane switch with SR keypad and graphic overlay. Provides unique 3-D look and feel in a thin package.

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