Rugged designs, for those bumps in the road. MNR has designed and manufactured rugged products for decades, we even hold patents on rugged unattended payment terminal designs, which utilize many of the material features we use in our rugged products. From custom CNC machining to castings to hardened impact resistant display screens, MNR has the materials and design expertise to make your next rugged project, truly rugged.
Cab mounted, IP67 control assembly. MNR designed and manufactured. Rugged Wind Meter Display: for use in cranes, this display module is IP67 waterproof, tamper and blunt force resistant. Cabin mounted, this display assembly is exposed to gale force winds and weather. A key protective device for crane operators operating in high wind environments. MNR designed and developed this project from Industrial Design wireframe and rendering only.
Rugged field personnel ID system used by US and foreign Military and Border Control agencies. IP67 rugged Hand Held portable personnel ID system for use by Military and Border Patrol agencies. MNR manufactures the IP67 water proof QWERTY keypad assembly. Full turn-key design, development and manufacture of this rugged data input device.
IP67 keypad assembly used in Personnel ID system.
IP67 rugged field computer used by US Military as well as commercial field applications. MNR designed and manufactured entire enclosure, user interface, swappable battery system, doc system, interconnect circuitry, etc. Machined Alu housing, custom Flex Circuit and contact design. Hand Held portable military computer, designed to withstand a vehicle roll-over, this product starts with a CNC machined housing, bezel, low profile flat tactile and backlit keys, field swappable battery packs, WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS antennas. Field rugged and ready.
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