From Analog and Matrix touch panels to Capacitance Touch switch assemblies and supporting electronics, MNR is your source for Capacitance Touch solutions.

What is Capacitance Touch? 

Capacitive touch screens use electronic sensors to accurately detect contact from a person’s touch against the surface of the screen. They can pinpoint the specific location of touch which will be used to manipulate the system being used. 

Projective Capacitive Touchscreen Versus Surface Capacitive Touchscreens:

Surface capacitive touch screens have only one side of the insulator coated with a conductive layer whereas the more sophisticated projective capacitive touchscreens use a grid pattern of conductive material on one or two layers to create superior accuracy and multi-touch functionality.

Benefits of Capacitive Touch Screen Technology:

Why choose MNR Technology for your capacitive touch screen needs?

MNR is a HMI (human machine interface) industry leader in the production of surface capacitive touch screens tailored to the human touch. MNR also has the ability to tailor their capacitive touch screens to the specific requirements according to the applications of each individual client.

Capacitive Touch applications

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