After nearly 50 years of refinement, and new tech arrivals like the touch screen, the membrane switch is still going strong. This is largely due to its exceptional versatility and durability.

A membrane switch is a complete human‐machine interface (HMI) that plays a starring role in how we interact with machines. Unlike mechanical switches ‐ generally constructed from copper and plastics ‐ membrane switches are printed circuits on film and at MNR Technology we excel at designing and manufacturing bespoke switch design solutions with customized graphic overlays.

Where do MNR Technology use Membrane Switches?

MNR Technology membrane switches are used in highly regulated industries including medical, aerospace, defense, industrial, food and transport.

Applications include keypads, control panels in aircraft, touch screen phones, and medical devices from infusion pumps to kidney dialysis machines and innovative plasma jet surgical devices.

What are the benefits of MNR Technology Membrane Switches?

Our Experience

MNR Technology is a leading membrane switch manufacturer, membrane switch panel manufacturer and membrane keypad manufacturer. We specialize in manufacturing membrane switch solutions with demanding reliability and stringent aesthetic requirements. Our membrane switch products are made using a number of substrates such as PCBs, screen printed flex circuits, and flexible etched circuits.

We’re proud to be industry leaders in producing membrane switches that exceed our customers’ expectations on reliability, effectiveness, performance and aesthetics. Our state‐of‐the‐art design engineering and manufacturing facility supports a variety of processes to bring you the best custom membrane switches in the market today. These include screen and digital printing, color matching, die cutting and laser fabrication, laminating processes, clean‐room membrane switch assembly, as well as environmental and life cycle testing.

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