Fire control panels provide integrated fire control systems management for buildings. When a fire occurs, the fire marshall or chief goes to the control panel to manage the fire department response. The control panel is the heart of the integrated building fire management system, identifying location of the fire activity, deployed fire suppression and communications. performance when it matters is the hallmark of these systems. MNR has built controls for this high reliability environment for over 20 years.

Property security and access control are key to property management. Whether office, home or work shop, people need security, ease of access and good looks.

Embossed Tactile membrane switch control panel and customer defined insertible legending annunciator panel. Membrane control panel designed and developed by MNR.
Full plug&play control solution, converting control tech from membrane switch to SR keypad with integrated display, status lights, switch functions. Integrated control panel including keypad, control board and integrated LCD display. MNR developed this integrated control as a plug and play solution.
Door annunciator, this control utilised MNR designed keypad with integral LCD display. Printed and dead front laser etch text allows instant identification for the attending fire department officer.
Door access control, weigan, decorative cast trim ring, low profile design, illuminated keys, IP67 Semi-Rugged outdoor access control, utilizes diecast Zinc/Alu alloy trim ring, plastic inner housing and acrylic back printed keys, this design provides a frontal IP67 sealed design with durable backlit keytops. Manufactured as a plug a play solution delivered in the box, ready for sale.
Complete solution, custom display, all molded parts, PCB Assy, software integration. Designed for an Eastern European customer, these indoor access control panels are available in two form factors, (1) with annunciator lights and (2) with LCD display. Manufactured as a plug and play solution, delivered in the box, ready for sale.
Innovative design, low profile upgrade to existing access control panel. New look, low profile – bridgeless keypad, backlit. MNR meets the challenge. Our customer, overwhelmed with other design tasks, asks us to reivew their original design and create a low profile solution. Using MNR experience in Cellular phone design, we created a low profile look that reduced overall product height from 28mm to 13mm. This new low profile design includes bridgless keypad technology and a re-arrangement of components to reduce the total thickness. The result, a new, sleek look, low profile and updated performance. Delivered as a complete turn-key in the box, ready for sale solution.
Expanding on the bridgeless keypad design, this control/access panel includes design features developed in the low profile panel upgrade MNR created a new industrial design for this security client. The low profile keypad design has been replicated across their product offering.
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