MNR has created custom cable and interconnection systems for decades. From custom pin/socket and IP67 connections, to custom M12 cable/interconnections, MNR has provided clients with cost effective solutions to interconnection challenges.
Custom IP67 mating plugs and sockets, integrated cables and cabling solutions. Custom control grip for outdoor sports scoreboard application. Grip was designed based on a rotary scan of an approved joystick for “feel” in the hand, then the switch assemblies were integrated into the end of the grip, 3-D modeled, 3-D printed and tested for comfort and performance in the users hand. Then the cable was designed to fit the handset with custom jacketing, logo and connector plug.
Custom thermistor assembly for measuring thermal differentials between the contact surface and ambient. This project required custom color matching between plastics, cable jacket and overmolding materials, with accuracy to 1 confidence interval.
Custom M12 to 5 pin hooded connector assembly. IP67 design with secondary epoxy sealant for years of reliable, sealed, insertion performance.
Custom IP67 switch assembly. Sealed for marine, wilderness and military applications, yet retains crisp tactile response. Custom locking barrel connector completes this rugged cable assembly.
Custom M12 “T” interconnection, IP67 immersion proof design, light, compact, efficient.
Custom redesign project. This audio/video cable experienced high field failures due to improper handling in the hospital environment. MNR redesigned the cable by moving the high break points (external ferrite cores) into the cable ovemoldings, allowing for a compact, sleek and robust design. Prior to MNR production, the cable would fail within 12 to 18 months. The MNR product has been in the field for over 10 years without any field returns.
IR data interconnect. This custom cable assembly integrates IR Rcx/Trns functions in a sealed IP67 marine environment. Using a combination of internal and external moldings, MNR created a fully sealed assembly with clear and isolated transmission lenses providing segregation between the Rx and Trns devices.
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