Financial payment terminals integrate an array of circuit protection technologies to assure PCI compliance. MNR has been a leader in PCI compliant keypads and sensing circuit designs since the PCI inception. We create the “keypad circuit stack” that protects the assembly from direct tampering attack. From Hand Held to Rugged assemblies, we can help you create your next tamper protected product.

Next gen financial payment terminal, integrating keypad, tactile and PCI 5.0 security sensing technologies.

PCI 5.0 payment terminal, utilizing tamper flex, dome and keypad technology. MNR developed the interface stack for this key payment terminal product.

Payment terminal, integrating kepad, backlighting, tactile and PCI 4.0 security sensing technologies.

PCI 4.0 payment terminal integrating backlighting within the slim security stack. MNR developed the keypad, tactile element, tamper circuit, light guide and light source technology.

Custom Switch Assembly with Silicon Rubber outer keypad, Membrane Switch, backer and isolated power led.
Financial ID terminal (FIDO) – early innovator in online payment terminal technology integrating 3-D holographic finger print technology. Double shot housing, integrated IP67 display lens, cast and chrome plated keyring loop, soft touch coating applied to rear plastic housing surface. Classic design, clean, functional.
Unattended terminal secure payment pin pad – Rugged User Interface with integrated LCD, MNR Patented design.
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