Custom Assemblies: Streamline Your Production with MNR Technology’s Expertise

At MNR Technology, we are experts in designing and developing custom assemblies, also known as turnkey assemblies, to optimize your production process and deliver exceptional results. With our specialization in Human Machine Interface (HMI) design and a wide range of comprehensive services, we offer tailored solutions for your assembly needs. 

What Are Custom Assemblies / Turnkey Assemblies?

Custom assemblies or turnkey assemblies involve integrating various components or modules into a complete and functional unit. These assemblies are designed to meet your specific requirements and streamline your manufacturing process. MNR Technology excels in creating full assembly products, ready for end point-of-sale (POS) or integration into your full unit assembly. Our expertise spans mechanical design, electrical design, electronic design, software engineering, tooling, materials review, and production management, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your assembly project.

Benefits of Using MNR Custom Assemblies

Efficiency and Time Savings: By opting for custom assemblies, you can save valuable time and resources. MNR Technology provides full design support and services covering mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. Our team is equipped to handle the entire process from design to delivery, offering a streamlined experience and faster time to market for your products.

Comprehensive Solutions: As a one-stop-shop provider, MNR Technology offers a range of services to meet your assembly requirements. Our capabilities include control panels, IP67 & NEMA 2000 certified assemblies, and portable and transportable products and systems. We handle everything from mechanical design to full box build, ensuring a hassle-free and integrated approach to your project.

Expertise in Human Machine Interface (HMI) Design: MNR Technology specializes in HMI design, focusing on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Our in-depth knowledge of human-machine interaction enables us to design custom assemblies that enhance the user experience and ensure seamless operation.

Why Choose MNR Technology for Your Assembly Design?

Unmatched Expertise: MNR Technology’s team of experienced engineers and designers are leaders in HMI design and assembly development. With extensive knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, we are equipped to handle complex projects and deliver outstanding results.

End-to-End Solutions: Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of assembly design, from concept to production. With our diverse capabilities and expertise, we can create custom assemblies that align with your specifications and objectives.

Customization and Innovation: MNR Technology offers a wide range of customization options for keypad and membrane switch cosmetics. From attractive finishes to decorative textures and metallic color effects, we can create visually appealing assemblies that resonate with your brand and captivate your customers.

One-Stop-Shop Convenience: Choosing MNR Technology means having a single point of contact for all your assembly needs. We provide a complete solution, eliminating the complexity of coordinating with multiple suppliers. This streamlined approach ensures efficient communication, shorter lead times, and a smoother production process.

Quality Assurance: We maintain clean environments across all our facilities, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and product integrity during the assembly process. Additionally, we offer final 100% functional testing to guarantee the performance and reliability of your custom assemblies.

Experience the MNR Difference in Custom Assemblies

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