Update existing customer design to achieve reduced thickness low profile while keeping current PCBA components to ensure compatibility with established software. End product needed to maintain same functionality and installer experience. Target to reduce from 28.5mm total thickness to 12mm total thickness.
Preliminary Design
MNR creates a preliminary 3D model based off initial design parameters and allows for ideas and direction to be shared and discussed with customer.
Solving Problems
MNR works directly with customer while solving problems to ensure solutions meet expectations. These units are to be mounted into a wall mounted box so all tall PCBA components were relocated to fit within wall box. This allowed for a reduced thickness design to be achieved.
Design Process
MNR creates accurate 3D models and photorealistic renders to review with the customer as the design process is worked through. Customer comments and feedback are reviewed, and the design is updated.
Final Selection
The design goes through multiple iterations until the final desired look is achieved and approved by the customer.
Rapid Prototyping
MNR uses proto-tools and 3-D printing to demonstrate how the product will look, function, and feel when completed. The 3-D assemblies allow for verification of the design, trouble shooting, and identifying structural issues before the product enters the tooling process. Samples can be made in hours versus days and accelerate the development and qualification process.
Production tooling is put in process based off the final approved design and first article samples are submitted to ensure all parts function as designed. MNR provides the tooling plan, mold flow, tool design for verification, first articles and Dimensional Measurement Report for part qualification.
Final Product
Final product is built based off approved parts and delivered to the customer. This product initially was aimed to meet a 12mm thickness and MNR achieved 12.5mm. This product has a number of colors that MNR provided that the customer did not previously have to choose from. During the time of first production this product was the thinnest available security keypad in the United Kingdom.
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