It begins with an idea and a vision. A preliminary product sketch is created, followed with basic 2D drawings to document the design intent.
Preliminary Design
MNR provided the mechanical and electrical design for this project. Using the sketch and drawings as a guide, merging electronic component selection and board placement, the basic exterior form is created in 3-D space. As more details are applied, the concept matures into a solid model.
Render Review
Material texture and lighting are applied and the solid model is photorealistically rendered to provide a true visual representation.
Rapid Prototype
On request, physical models are created to check basic form, fit and function. Using inhouse 3D printing technology, samples are made in hours instead of days, accelerating the development and qualification process.
Upon approval, the product is now designed for manufacturing. 3D geometry is optimized for tooling. Internal components and details are finalized. 3D simulation and interference checks are performed.
Final Design
The finished design geometry is now used to generate complete mechanical, electronic and cosmetic documentation.
Tool drawings are submitted and approved. Tooling is then created. From this tooling, first article samples are assembled and submitted for approval, along with complete QS 9000 compliant inspection documentation.
Upon first article approval, the product is released for manufacturing.
Product is shipped by the most economical means to meet requested dock dates. Goods can be shipped directly to any specified location or held in stock at our HK or US Warehouse to be released per stocking agreement.
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