Fire Acces Panel

MNR-Fire Access Panel-End Product

Create a custom designed Fire Access Panel that could be used for commercial manufacture

The Design Process…

Design Refinement through Collaboration: MNR engaged in extensive collaboration with our customer, thoroughly reviewing and refining the design to align with both their requirements and our manufacturing expertise.

Optimizing CAD for Manufacturing: Precision adjustments were meticulously made in the 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models, ensuring that all parts were optimized for efficient and accurate manufacturing.

The Components…

Formed Aluminum Bezel: Precision-formed to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal, providing a robust outer structure for the panel.

Overlay: A protective layer integrated with user interface elements, enhancing the panel’s usability and longevity.

Keypads: Dual keypads designed for efficient and secure access, contributing to the functionality and security of the control panel.

Light Guides: Two light guides strategically placed to optimize visibility and guide users in low-light environments, emphasizing safety and ease of use.

Lens: Designed to enhance the display’s clarity and ensure visibility of key information, vital for quick and accurate responses.

 Hardware: Specially selected and integrated to support the panel’s overall functionality and durability.

Integration with Customer PCBA:  Seamless integration with the customer’s Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) was a critical aspect of the project. The custom fire access control panel was meticulously designed to integrate with the customer’s PCBA, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation within the larger fire access control system.

3-D Model Animation Of Assembly…

Key Project Elements…

Customer-Centric Problem Solving: MNR collaborated closely with the customer, diligently identifying areas of concern and focusing on developing solutions that aligned with their unique requirements.

LED Isolation for Optimal Performance: Recognizing the need for LED isolation within the design, MNR innovatively designed light guides that elegantly accommodated closely placed PCBA components, ensuring efficient LED isolation and optimal panel performance.

Finalizing the design and manufacture: MNR oversees the complete manufacturing process, from component fabrication to sourcing, ensuring a cohesive approach that results in a fully functional fire access control panel.

Customization Options: MNR offers a range of color options and variations to our customers, enabling them to choose a panel that aligns with their specific aesthetic preferences and project requirements.

The Final Product…

The integration of our panels into fire safety boxes significantly contributes to heightened fire safety measures, facilitating prompt and secure access during critical situations.


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