Update the design with an eye to improve the aesthetic appeal while retaining backward compatibility.
Develop a sketch rendering providing ideas of shape and form
3-D Model
From the sketch, Alias and other sketch to CAD tools to transform the original dimensional form into a new stylistic form
3-D Rendering

The photorealistic rendering produces high-quality images that demonstrate what the finished product will look like.

Relocated the company’s logo beneath the outlet and the label above the outlet, keeping the label visible while the faceplate is in use.

Rapid Prototype

The faceplate is a modular system, the physical models demonstrate how the pieces fit together. 3-D printing technology demonstrates how the product will look and function when completed.

Verify the design, troubleshoot and identify structural issues before the product enters the tooling process.

Samples are made in hours verses days, accelerating the development and qualification process.

Tooling and Production

After rapid proto part approval, the tooling process begins. Typical lead time is 50 days for injection tooling. Produce FAI samples to qualify the part for tooling.

After completing the design, prototyping and tooling stage, the product entered production.

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